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Today’s tax laws can be so overwhelming that filing even a simple return can be confusing. It is easy to overlook potential deductions and credits. We can help you optimize your tax returns—and navigate the complicated tax implications of any upcoming events or changes in your life, such as selling property, changing jobs, or getting married.

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Taxes Returns & Consultations

Tax laws are extremely convoluted. Prior to coming to us, many of our clients had missed out on deductions and credits to which they were entitled. We help our clients understand their returns with all the possible deductions and credits so that they can maximize their current returns and be better informed as they plan for the future.

Tax return and consultation services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Federal and state tax return preparation:
    • We will take the information you provide us, identify any issues or opportunities, and once all is in order, we will submit your taxes for you
  • In-person or virtual tax consultations:
    • New client introductions
    • Review of your tax information and any concerns such as:
      • Withholdings from income
        • How much to withhold
      • Freelancing or independent contracts
        • Paying quarterly
      • Missing due dates
      • Failure to file
      • Extensions and estimated tax payments
      • New revenue streams
      • Filing options for those newly married
      • Filing status changes (ex. Head of Household)
      • Rental real estate properties
        • Income taxes and deductions
        • Selling rental properties
      • Buying and selling homes
        • Primary and secondary residences
        • 1031 tax exchanges with specific procedures and time restrictions for buying a similar house to the one you just sold
      • Retirement planning
        • ROTH IRA versus 401(k)
        • Strategies for savings and tax advantages
      • Inheritance planning
        • Trusts and estates
        • Gifting strategies

Tax Planning and Projections

Everyone’s financial and tax situation is unique. That is why we like to meet with our clients to discuss various tax strategies that may be available to them. We develop a plan together to optimize your tax position.

  • Topics for tax planning and projections include but are not limited to:
    • Passive versus active income
    • Investment tax
    • Primary and secondary residences
    • Quarterly estimated tax payments
    • Annual tax projections
    • Development of strategies that pertain to you personally
    • Financial requirements
    • Gifting strategies and planning
    • Retirement planning and tax strategies
    • Tax law changes

Reviews and Amendments

We can help you identify any errors or omissions on prior years’ tax returns and file the necessary amendments using Form 1040-X.

Tax Audits

Getting that dreadful notice that you are being audited by the IRS can be a very stressful event. At Cukierski & Associates, we know what to look for and can help you prepare. When you hire us for IRS representation, we review all the information, handle the paperwork, assist in the official correspondence between you and the IRS—and help ease your worries.

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